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Medicine Articles

This page features articles which tackle imminent health problems such as smoking, childhood obesity and depression, and pre-diabetes. Skin disease, Crohn's disease, anaemias, and endometriosis are also explored. 


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Public smoking health interventions 

What is childhood obesity? How many does it affect, and what can we do to tackle this?

6373533559634253301009NI children junk food obesity.png

Pre-diabetes is the period before the onset of diabetes

Anaemia is a blood disease. Article #1 in a series about anaemia.

Examining Blood Sample
Fusobacterium bacteria

The latest breakthrough in endometriosis: the bacterium theory

How can it help the field?

for scientia depression article.jpg

And how we can help them

Anaemia is a blood disease. Article #2 in a series about anaemia.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 203033.jpg

And how they are effective

The role and importance of blood 


What are they and how can they be better than traditional bandages?

Discussing from Peter's Paradox perspective

Whale Shark

A type of anemia. Article #3 in a series about anaemia.

Is it possible to wipe your memories clean?

Erasing memory THUMBNAIL

From foe to ally. Article #1 in a series about Herpes-based gene therapy treats dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

An International Women's Month collab with Publett

Image by Aditya Romansa

A disturbing reality

Also known as: the microbiota, gut microflora

gut flora icon.png
Crohn's disease THUMBNAIL

A summary of the condition

Tailoring medication to a patient's DNA

Personalised medicine THUMBNAIL
Image by Tom Hermans

Why do some people have them?

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