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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Looking to apply for a job after your graduation, internship, or placement? Read below about our CV information and advice! 

Business Colleagues

What are CVs?

  • A CV entails a person's notable accomplishments - for example, their education history, work experience, certifications, volunteering experience, projects, and more.

  • They are normally made on Microsoft Word and should be one page long, however someone extremely experienced in their field of work may choose to make their CV as two pages. 

But isn't this a resumé? ...

... No. CVs contain a more comprehensive breakdown of education, work experience etc; a resumé is not as detailed. A resumé also excludes date of birth, address, and contact info, whereas a CV includes this.

Why should you write a good CV?

There are several reasons as to why you should write a good CV, with just a few listed below:


A well organised, polished CV reflects your attention to detail and makes you more likely to be considered by employers for the advertised job.

First impression and employability

Employers spend less than 9 seconds looking at a CV! Hence, a well-designed CV is important as it will make you stand out and increase chances of securing an interview.


  Career progression

A CV is not only for getting a job. It shows how you have generally developed as an employee, from what new skills you have gained to the responsibilities you have picked up.



Having a strong CV will allow you to share your background in a quick and efficient matter at, for example, career fairs or industry events. 

How do I know if my CV is to the right standard?

Read below to find out more.

We can check your CV for free!
















1. Style 

We will make sure your writing is coherent and flows in the correct way, such  as  in chronological order.


We will also recommend fonts, font sizes, appropriate headings that employers prefer and more, as layout is incredibly important to consider.

2. Spelling, punctuation and grammar

​It is easy to make small errors that can be easily overlooked! However, we will proofread your work to make sure your sentences make sense whilst being straight to the point.

3. Sections to include

More than one would think, some may include sections that are of no relevance to the employer or put lack of detail in the ones that matter most. We will help make sure you don't fall into this trap.

4. Helping you make a start

It is completely normal to feel like you don't know where to start from, too! Our advisors can ask you personalised questions regarding your experience, education, and so on to give you a 'template' to work on.

This can then be reviewed and personalised feedback will be given until you are satisfied.

5. Other neat tricks...

There are some features of a CV that individuals may not focus on but employers actually look for (hint: super- and extracurricular). Find out more from us if you're interested!

IMG_7654 (1).jpg

Example universities where some of our

advisors attend/have graduated from:

Queen Mary University of London,

Imperial College London, University of Liverpool

and so on.

Some of these students have secured

placements, internships, and jobs with 

companies such as GSK and STATIC St. Andrews!

Just like personal statements, our expert advisors offer to review your CV in a time-efficient manner, by providing feedback on the following:

Fill the form out below and we will contact you*

* Alternatively, you can email us at Please keep the subject as 'CVs'.

Thanks for submitting!

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