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Technology Articles 

Tech nerd? Gadget whizz? This section has articles full of current tech industry news and work.

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Image by Andras Vas

Ways fake science websites misinform and misguide readers 

And its greater role in natural language processor technologies

Artificial Intelligence
Lab Experiments

Technology in the medical sciences

What are its applications?

Precision farming

Revolutionising sustainable agriculture through AI

Using this technology in drug research

AI in drug discovery
Digital disinformation

With the use of IT cells

What are the benefits?

Digital agriculture
AI in outer space

What is artificial intelligence used for in outer space?

Revolutionising patient setup in cancer treatment

Radiation therapy
Image by Steve Johnson

A Scientia News Biology group collaboration

In semiconductor manufacturing


Tiny solutions for big health problems

Exploring the day-to-day routine in this new field in healthcare

Image by Nappy
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