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Physics Articles

These articles range from astrophysics and space science to nuclear physics, harmonic motion, and thermodynamics.

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Water Drops

An experiment determining the liquid viscosity of castor oil using spheres

An experiment on the pendulum and its relation to gravity 

Newton's Pendulum
nobel prize.jpg

Who were they and what did they achieve?

What determines the Northern Lights to be seen in your country?

Northern Lights

And its significance in space exploration

Will it work to save the environmental crisis?


What is it and when does it happen?

Unleashing the power of the stars

Image by Planet Volumes🪐

Which fuel would be used to colonise Mars?

And their incredibly slippery nature

Image 1- A total solar eclipse in Svalbard on 20 March 2015 © Thanakrit Santikunaporn_ Shu

A description of them

The closest planet to the Sun

Image by NASA

DESI stands for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

How they form and their link to the weather

Image by NASA

The cause of the Hubble Tension discrepancy is unknown

The lunar south pole base

Moon Clouds
semiconductor THUMBNAIL

The search for one

Incorporating nuclear medicine

Image by Dan Meyers

In the constellation of Taurus

LIGO stands for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory 

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