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Biology Articles

Student of biology? Read through biology-related discoveries and goings-on by researchers and scientists. 

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Uploading information from the brain onto a computer

Uncovering the possibilities of transferring information from your brain to a computer

How to avoid negligent personal training as it can harm the individual

Tennis Racket
Public health discoveries

A timeline of discoveries in the history of public health

How different environmental factors can affect exercise

Image by Jenny Hill
Image by CDC

The benefits of bacteria

Diabetes mellitus is when the body is unable to produce enough insulin or becomes resistant to it

Testing blood for diabetes
COVID-19 world map

HDI stands for Human Development Index, i.e. how much a country is developed considering various factors such as wealth

Food deserts and malnutrition

Food deserts
Image by Harpreet Singh

What organoids are, their applications in drug discovery and more

What came first: the chicken or the egg?

Genesis of life THUMBNAIL
Endometriosis part 1 THUMBNAIL

Form underreporting to under-research

iPSC stands for induced pluripotent stem cells

PCOS and endometriosis THUMBNAIL

These two diseases are very similar, but how are they different?

A biomarker for renal damage

stunting THUMBNAIL

Its issue in developing countries

The biggest ones currently

Image by CDC
Image by Natanael Melchor

Understanding health through different stances

The benefits of using Manuka honey as medicine

Honey Jars
Dual role of mitochondria LATEST POSTS

A mechanism for survival, or death?

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