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Examples of negligence in personal training on the impact of physiology

Negligence in personal training is a failure to look after his clients to avoid them from getting injured while training.

There are many ways this can happen, here below are some examples of negligence in personal training.

  1. Making use of equipment that is defective – Using a defective equipment can easily lead to injury or at least poor exercising form. Trainers should be able to differentiate between effective and defective equipment if they want to avoid negligence in training their clients. In that scenario, the best thing a personal trainer can do is to repair the equipment or replace it with new ones instead of putting a ‘defect’ or ‘out of order’ sign on it.

  2. Telling you to lift too much weight – You can’t just tell your clients to lift too much weight without even knowing their capacity, their way of eating and experience from past training. This is irrational and unprofessional, thus neglecting your clients directly which can lead to causing them injuries like muscle tears, muscle strains and even the worst, a wrong death.

  3. Have you perform the wrong exercises – You must keep revising your exercises and keep upgrading your knowledge about the proper use of equipment, and everything else related to fitness so that you don’t make any mistake in giving your clients the wrong exercises to do that can lead to stopping them from achieving their desired physiques, and fitness goals. Muscle imbalances will occur as well if not done properly.

  4. Make you exercise for too long – Exercising for too long can cause excess fatigue and can lead to muscle strains and sprains. Coaches must not let their clients push themselves too far. It may sound cool but it is not really healthy. Everything we do must be done in an appropriate manner to avoid consequences that will harm us.

Written by Kushwant Nathoo 

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