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Chemistry Articles

Elements, compounds, and mixtures make up the building blocks of materials that shape our world. Read on to uncover how atoms, molecules, and reactions are fundamental to life on Earth.

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Role of chemistry in medicine

Medicinal chemistry and its uses

And their potential use in cancer drug delivery

Metallic organic frameworks
Biochemistry of cancer- integrins targets

And how integrins can be desirable targets

In anti-cancer drugs

Image by Fulvio Ciccolo
Image by Vedrana Filipović

What were their contributions?

Why is it important?

Drug Testing
Green chemistry

And sustainability for the future

What is its role?

Space Satellite
Electric vehicles and environment

A chemical perspective

Botulinum toxins

Image by Sam Moghadam Khamseh
Formation of nuclear bombs- Oppenheimer

What is the key process behind these explosions?

Discussing their importance in the body

Chemistry in medicine
Image by Taelynn Christopher

The chemistry in an artist's palette

Zinc fingers

Transcription factors regulating gene expression

Zinc fingers
emotion chemistry THUMBNAIL

On a molecular basis

The silent protectors

Nuclear safety THUMBNAIL
image- can reuse

And its related challenges

The history of the atomic model

Image by Norbert Kowalczyk
Image by Mykenzie Johnson

A probable treatment for diabetes


Food at molecular level THUMBNAIL
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