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We check UCAS personal statements for free!

What are UCAS personal statements?

For UK-based universities

UCAS personal statements are a chance for students to show a UK university why they should be offered a place to study a particular subject there.

Academics or more?

Whilst academics are important to talk about, it is just as necessary to talk about who you are beyond your grades, too. We can inform you on what this may look like.

Page limited

It is critical to note that the statements must not be longer than 1 page: anything beyond this will not be read. You can visit UCAS for more information...


All statements must be submitted through UCAS by 31st January 2024 at 18:00 (UK time). However, the earlier the better as universities accept students on a rolling deadline.

The process of submitting a personal statement:

1. Research university courses interested in 

2. Pick a course & write statement on why this subject

3. Check and edit statement for approval

4. Submit to your top 5 university choices

Note for those that are considering medicine or dentistry:

You (normally) will have to choose 1 university out of the 5 where you will do a back up course i.e. something that is not medicine or dentistry.

What we offer to you:


To catch any remaining errors or inconsistencies in draft statements

Expert advisors

Graduates or current university students will provide personalised advice to highlight your unique qualities, and align your  statement with your chosen field of study


We'll assist in articulating your passion and long-term goals effectively


Get detailed feedback reports with specific improvement suggestions


Giving example guideline questions for you to answer and include in your statement. This will help to create flow and making adjustments easier.


Advice on approaching your introduction, main body paragraphs and ending

Example universities where some of our volunteers currently attend, or have graduated from: Queen Mary University of London, Imperial College London, Kings College London, University of Liverpool and so on.

Fill the form out below and we will contact you*

* Alternatively, you can email us at Please keep the subject as 'Personal Statement'.

* Disclaimer: there must be no plagiarism in all statements submitted - we will assume there has been no copying. Scientia News will not be responsible for any plagiarism detection by UCAS, as we only give advice.

Thanks for submitting!

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